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Lead Paint Abatement

Lead Paint Abatement projects require a contractor that understands the unique demands and requirements of lead-based paint projects. 

"Blastek is that type of Contractor."

Lead-Based Paint is found in factories, apartment buildings, structural steel, piping, tanks, bridges, and more build prior to 1978. Occupants of these structures are at serious risk of health hazards if Lead-Based Paint systems are left unaddressed. Additionally, owners and facility managers are at risk of State and Federal fines if these hazards are not abated properly. 

BlasTek has the experience, equipment, and dedication to safety & compliance to complete Lead Abatement projects the right way. Starting with certifications at the State and Federal level for removing lead paint, we also maintain our own in-house worker safety program. This includes blood monitoring for technicians, routine physicals, a respiratory program specific to our operations, as well as staying current with all State and Federal certification programs. 

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