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Disaster Restoration

Smoke / Soot Removal

Rather than using chemicals or manual labor to remediate fire damage, restoration companies repeatedly turn to BlasTek to remove smoke and soot damage. Soda blasting is the preferred method of cleaning for fire restoration as it not only removes charred surface contaminants from the damaged substrate but also, baking soda functions as a natural deodorizer and thus effectively eliminates the smell of smoke and soot that tends to linger after a fire.


However, when the smoke/soot damage is located in an area that requires zero secondary cleanups, BlasTek uses dry ice blasting to mitigate any potential problems pertaining to the cleanup of blasting media. For example, BlasTek was subcontracted to “knock down” the smoke and soot damage caused during an attic fire, but because the attic access points would have made it difficult to remove the excess sodium bicarbonate, dry ice blasting was chosen to complete the project for practicality purposes. BlasTek continues to supplement the fire restoration industry with quality and cost-effective blasting solutions.

Mold Removal

BlasTek continues to support the restoration industry with our experience and expertise in surface decontamination and restoration projects. Our “knock down” services effectively dislodge and remove mold from all types of surfaces. When containment barriers, HEPA ventilation systems, and other engineering controls are used to isolate the work site and prevent the spread of mold spores, our blasting services save a lot of time and money for everyone involved in the restoration process.

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