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Field Services
Field Services

Blasting services are used not only to support painting projects, but also, for general surface prep, surface restoration, cleaning, and more. 

Industrial Coatings 

We focus exclusively on high performance coatings, such as industrial painting, tank liners, secondary containments, powder coating, and more. 

BlasTek has the experience, equipment, and dedication to safety & compliance to complete Lead Abatement projects the right way. Starting with certifications at the State and Federal level for removing lead paint, we also maintain our own in-hourse worker safety program.

Containment is the practice of isolating work practices from the surrounding environment. When done properly, this allows us to offer clients blasting and painting services that might not otherwise seem possible. 

Dry Ice Blasting uses the solid form of carbon dioxide to` safely remove surface contaminants without causing harm to the substrate. The process itself is somewhat similar to other types of abrasive blasting, in that media is propelled towards a surface, but that is where the similarity stops.

Rather than using chemicals or manual labor to remediate fire damage, restoration companies repeatedly turn to BlasTek to remove smoke and soot damage.

At BlasTek, we come to work every day because we are passionate about what we do.

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