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The blast cabinet is a closed loop system that allows for a cost effective way to blast parts and components up to 5'x5'x5'. Our cabinet is setup with aluminum oxide on a daily basis, but can be switched over to other media within an hour.

High quality finishes and rapid turn around times are the two staples of BlasTek's powder coating division. Whether it be a one time custom project that needs powder coating or a series of small batch parts and weldments, we will provide the right surface prep prior to powder coating and inspect units before packing to ensure proper coverage.

Our clients require tough and durable coating systems for their projects. That is why we provide a full range of industrial coatings, including epoxy systems, zinc primers, temp specific coatings, and urethane top coats.

At BlasTek, we come to work every day becuase we are passionate about what we do.

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