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Small Batch Capabilities

Our ovens can handle parts up to 15'3" long x 5'3" wide x 6'3" tall. Typical lead times are 3 days.


High-quality finishes and rapid turn around times are the two staples of BlasTek's powder coating division. Whether it be a one-time custom project that needs powder coating or a series of small-batch parts and weldments, we will provide the right surface prep prior to powder coating and inspect units before packing to ensure proper coverage.

Our Process

We believe that process is everything when it comes to ensuring your parts are finished to the highest quality standards.

  • Pre-Planning


Each part or weldment that enters the shop has its own unique set of challenges. The pieces are first inspected to identify surface prep and masking needs as well as the best way to hang the weldments to limit hook marks.

  • Surface Preparation


Before powder coating, all pieces are either steam washed or media blasted. Blasting is our preferred method of preparation as it not only ensures the surface is free of debris, grease/oils, rust, and other contaminants, but it guarantees the best adhesion possible by providing an etched surface to drastically increase the mechanical bond between the metal and powder.

  • Powder Application


Our technicians are equipped with top of the line powder coating equipment. What this translates to, is that we can assure you from the start that your parts are going the have an even film thickness; we can coat complex geometries; and almost just as important, no downtime. In the coating industry, new technology is constantly changing to improve our ability to produce the same finish over and over again. 

  • Inspection


Before parts are unloaded from our racks, a thorough visual inspection is done to make sure all surfaces have an even coating and small nooks/crannies are coated. We also offer mil-spec testing with dry film mil testing gauge.  It is important to us your parts have proper coverage and sufficient protection.

  • Packing


After your parts are finished, we do our part to assure you the finish we see coming out of the oven is what you see when your weldments arrive. We place an emphasis on using the proper packaging materials to keep parts safe and stable on their journey from our shop to yours. We can work with your team to pack parts to be sent to end-users as well. We are willing to do what it takes to earn your business by being easy to work with. Special requests are always encouraged. We want to do what we can to increase efficiencies throughout the supply chain.



We work closely with our powder vendor to offer a vast array of color and texture options, color match services, and we stock a handful of RAL colors.


Please contact us to quote your next project.

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