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Industrial Cleaning

Dirt, tar, grease, and oil build up in production facilities cause machinery to function improperly and can create an unsafe work environment. However, manual cleaning is often delayed to prevent costly plant shutdowns.


Dry ice blasting equipment provides a quick, safe, non-toxic and economical cleaning solution for facilities, industrial equipment, machinery, machine tools, and assembly line equipment. Dry ice blasting cleans in place without disassembly or cooling down and is nonabrasive, non-conductive, non-corrosive, and does not use water. It is a completely dry and clean process.

Dry ice blasting also minimizes the disposal of hazardous waste. With Dry Ice Blasting, the cleaning media (dry ice) sublimates, meaning it disappears without adding secondary waste. The only waste is the material to be removed. The cleaning applications for dry ice blasting are truly endless. 

Thus, dry ice blasting is truly the most effective way to remove grime, plastics, urethanes, weld splatter, flux, carbon deposits, and other surface contaminants on-site, in house, and in a safe and environmentally acceptable way. Read more to learn about the many cleaning applications of Dry Ice Blasting. 

Power Generation and Energy 

Production Applications

Power generation and energy consumption industries utilize BlasTek’s cleaning systems to reduce scheduled downtime and increase plant efficiency. In one case, BlasTek was contracted to clean the condenser units at two landfill gas facilities. As a result of prolonged exposure to landfill gas emissions, dust and pollen build-up, and surrounding chemical processes, the cooling fins became fouled, thereby reducing the surface area of the cooling mechanism which, in turn, adversely affected the thermal conductivity of the unit and power output of the whole plant.


Rather than shutting down the entire facility, BlasTek implemented the LOTO protocol to isolate the fouled cooling fins into three separate sections, allowing the facilities to stay in operation while the contaminated areas were cleaned in three different stages. BlasTek’s cleaning systems effectively removed the surface contaminants from the fouled heat exchange units without causing harm to the surface of the heat exchangers or surrounding components; this restored the original cross-sectional area between the cooling fins, which restores the original heat exchange rate and thus optimized plant efficiency. BlasTek provided project supervision, labor, as well as safety oversight to complete the work turnkey.

Plastics & Rubber Applications

Having clean equipment and an equally clean work environment is central to maintaining today's high-quality standards. In the plastics industry, unwanted surface residues and other by-products can create a whole host of problems, such as inferior product quality, damage to tools and equipment and, most importantly, an unsafe work environment. Dry ice blasting not only reduces the potential of these problems but also, can help companies save a lot of time and money. 

Since Dry Ice blasting is a completely dry process with no secondary cleanup, molds can be cleaned in-house and usually without any disassembly, which reduces costly downtime. In many cases, Dry Ice Blasting is up to 8 times faster than alternative cleaning methods, which reduces labor costs and also downtime. And because molds can be cleaned in place, there is very little risk of damaging the equipment during removal and reinstallation. Some of the other equipment that can be cleaned via Dry Ice Blasting includes blow molds, compression molds, extrusion dies, injection molds, thermoform molds, plastic injection screw barrels, extruders, mixing vats, and virtually anything else contaminated by surface residues and other by-products.  


Food Processing

Dry Ice Blasting provides a quick and cost-effective solution to routine maintenance in the food processing and production industry. Whether it be removing adhesives from a conveyor or cleaning melted wax from a boiler, Dry Ice Blasting is the best way to maximize production and minimize downtime.


We can also clean slicers and dividers, electrical components, labeler and gluer, ovens, conveyors, mixers, baggers, palletizers, food molds.

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