Mobile Blasting Services

We specialize in complex restoration and surface prep challenges, where environmentally-acceptable and cost-effective solutions are especially critical to the success of the project.  Whether it's the removal of smoke and soot from a house attic, cleaning the cooling fins at a biomass facility, or restoring the exterior facade of a building, we take pride in our ability to consistently complete mobile projects on time, within budget, and according to work scope.

Our blasting systems are mobile trailer based units that can be dispatched anywhere throughout the Mid West to support onsite and in-house cleaning requirements. Operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week allows us to mobilize our rigs, whenever need be, and with a staff of trained and qualified personnel. We are insured, and all of our operations are compliant with OSHA and EPA standards.

Mobile blasting services include general surface prep, lead paint abatement, industrial cleaning (see Dry Ice Blasting), fouling mitigation, mold removal, smoke/soot removal, and deployment of on-site blasting technologies to achieve cleanup and contract objectives. 

Serving West Michigan and all the surrounding areas such as Ada, Allendale, Byron Center, Caledonia, Cascade, Cedar Springs, Comstock Park, Coopersville, Cutlerville, Dutton, Grand Rapids, Forest Hills, Grandville, Hudsonville, Jenison, Kentwood, Wyoming, Lowell, Middleville, Sparta, Spring Lake, Plainwell, Kalamazoo, Portage, Mattawan, Battle Creek, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Detroit, Saginaw, Flint, Mount Pleaseant, Big Rapids. Ludington, South Haven, Saugutuck, Douglas, Holland, Grand Haven, Muskegon, and all of Muskegon County, Kent County, Ottawa County, Montcalm County, Allegean County, Barry County, Kalamazoo County, and Calhoun County.

Our onsite mobile blast services allow us to blast virtually any surface, including buildings, wood beams, structural steel, equipment, fabricated steel structures, storage containers, bridges, metal siding, decking, and many other commercial and industrial items.

Have questions about mobile services or blasting your items and equipment? Contact us today or take a closer look at our applications. 

Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to sand blasting or other traditional forms of abrasive media blasting. The process uses baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) as the blast media (chemically equivalent to the stuff you would find in most fridges). Whereas the baking soda starts off as a salt-like granule, it shatters upon impact into thousands of smaller pieces. This force of kinetic energy is especially useful for cleaning delicate surfaces, and also restoring surfaces without causing harm to the substrate. Unlike sand blasting, soda blasting creates little-to-no friction, making it especially ideal for restoring and stripping thin metal pieces and other delicate cleaning applications. And because sodium bicarbonate is a rust inhibitor,  soda blasting provides an added protection for corrosion prevention.

At BlasTek, we use soda blasting for a variety of applications. Perhaps the most popular application is smoke and soot removal. Soda blasting produces a much finer finish than, for example, sand blasting on wood objects, making it the ideal solution for clients looking for a more refined finish on their wood restoration projects. We also do a lot of surface prep work for clients that deal with soft and malleable metals, such as aluminum, and higher grade metals such as stainless steel.

Abrasive blasting

Media blasting is not a one-dimensional process. In fact, when you think about all the different types and size of abrasives available, there are endless profiles and finishes that can be achieved via abrasive blasting. From hard abrasives such as garnet and Black Beauty, to soft agri-media such as corn cob grit and walnut shell, we have the equipment and technical know-how to properly utilize virtually every abrasive.


Perhaps the most common form of abrasive blasting is sand blasting. In line with BlasTek's safety standards, our blasting pots are solely filled with the silica-free sand substitute olivine. We are have the ability to remove rust, mill scale, old coatings, and contamination in preparation for a high performance coating for a wide range of items including structural steel, I-beams, trusses, heavy equipment, fabricated steel structures, pressure vessels, bulk storage tanks, silos, bridges, freighters, and many other commercial and industrial items. Here are some examples of the types of metal we are capable of blasting: steel, iron, copper, brass, and aluminum.