In-House Blasting Services

Aluminum Oxide, Glass Bead, & specialty media


Blast Cabinet


The blast cabinet is a closed loop system that allows for a cost effective way to blast parts and components up to 5'x5'x5'. Our cabinet is setup with aluminum oxide on a daily basis, but can be switched over to other media within an hour. For surface prep of small parsts, a cabinet is the most efficient means to provide a clean surface for industrial coatings, powder coating, plating, or other finishing applications.

Blast Room


As mobile blasting has its time and its place, so does the blast room. The blast room is a good alternative to mobile blasting as its better suited for more weldments that arent fixed. They can be sent to our shop where can can blast paint, rust, mil scale, and other surface contaminants in a controlled environment . The blast room is very similar to a blast cabinet except larger. Being that the blast room too is an isolated environment, it provides great productivity and a quality end product sure to be free of any condensation on metals. The dimensions of the room are 70'x21'x14'.



Basket blaster

Basket blasters are utilized as means to clean, strip, and deburr hundreds to thousands of small components. Stripping smaller objects with traditional blasting methods is not productive. The basket blaster features a 3 cubic foot rotating basket and  3 oscillating 1/4 siphon nozzles that are set to automatically run without the need of an operator maning the machine at all times.

Bake off Oven

In certain circumstances when dealing with ferrous metals, using an oven to bake off multiple layers of paint, undercoatings, caulking, grease, stickers, powder coating, body fillers, and other oxidizable substances is more appropriate and cost effective than blasting alone. Baking before stripping with blast media gives the benefits of faster removal process with finer grit media that produces a superior etched finish for better coating adhesion. All that is left after baking is a thin layer of ash that is easily removed in the blast cabinet or blast room. The oven size is 13'x7'x6'. It is made to fit many small to medium items or individual metal objects that take up the entire oven.